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Meet the people you listen to every day on K-MYTH underground thrash radio. To you, we might just be a bunch of voices, but the team behind your favorite radio shows work hard day and night in order to produce and provide the most relevant and high-quality content at all hours of the day. For now, there's only one member of the team - DJ Mythical, and his wish as a founder is, that radio crew will grow and contribute for the radio itself to do so. Take a look at our bios and feel free to drop a note - we love hearing from our fans! If you're interested in being a part of this project, feel free to contact us!



DJ / Producer, Music lover

DJ Mythical was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1985. Started to play Rap music in a small Belgrade club called "New World Order" in year 2003.
As his hunger for music grew over the years, he couldn't satisfy himself with only one genre of music, so he started mixing rap with drum&bass and reggae music. As the years have passed he forms a drum'n'bass soundsystem called Bassbound.
Since 2005 till now Mythical and Bassbound have rocked all over Serbia. He creates his own authentic music since 2004. His music is a mixture of drum'n'bass, dub, electronica and breakbeat. He is now an even more passionate music lover and has started K-MYTH radio, for the people like him, that are sick and tired of lazy radio stations playing same old music over and over, for every single day, boring commercials and annoying radio hosts. This is his contribution to the gilted society. Enjoy!

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